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TIGR® Matrix design
  • TIGR® Matrix is warp-knitted from two different synthetic resorbable fibers
  • TIGR® Matrix degrades by hydrolysis and is absorbed by human tissues
  • TIGR® Matrix is strong for 6 months and gone in 3 years
  • The two different fibers provide changes in the mechanical characteristics over time
  • TIGR® Matrix is available in 10x15 cm and 20x30 cm
TIGR® Matrix materials

TIGR® Matrix is knitted from two different synthetic resorbable fibers.

First fiber (magenta)
  • Fast resorption – loses mechanical strength after two weeks
  • Absorbed in 4 months
  • Copolymer of Glycolide, Lactide and Trimethylene Carbonate (TMC)
Second fiber (green)
  • Slow resorption – loses mechanical strength after 9 months
  • Absorbed after 3 years
  • Copolymer of Lactide and TMC
  • Both fibers degrade by bulk hydrolysis (cleavage of chemical bonds through addition of water).
  • The fibers degrade and are subsequently absorbed by the human body
  • All degradation products are excreted by natural means
  • All fiber components have a long history of safe use in various medical devices
TIGR® Matrix function

As the two fibers degrade at different time points, in combination with a patented knitting pattern, TIGR® Matrix has unique features:

  • The strength and stability of TIGR® Matrix is high in the acute wound healing phase (≤ 2 weeks)
  • As the first fiber loses its strength, TIGR® Matrix becomes more mechanically compliant
  • The elasticity of TIGR® Matrix increases gradually in the remodeling phase
  • This allows for mechanical stimulation of new tissue that grows into the mesh structure
  • The result is a more structured connective tissue that more resembles native tissue than scar tissue*
TIGR® Matrix packaging and sterility
  • TIGR® Matrix is sterilized with ethylene oxide (EtO) and is single use only
  • TIGR® Matrix is packed in double bags
  • No part of the packaging is sterile on the outside
TIGR® Matrix indication for use
TIGR® Matrix Surgical Mesh is indicated for use in reinforcement of soft tissue where weakness exists.

Current use includes breast reconstruction, breast revision, abdominal wall reconstruction, suture line reinforcement and hernia repair.

TIGR® Matrix is CE-marked (2011) and has been cleared for marketing by the US FDA (2010).


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