Buffalo Filter – LaparoVue Visibility system

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Product Features & Benefits

  • Warms & White Balances
    Warms scope in 5 minutes to prevent fogging
    Unit warms up to 5 hours
    Allows for white balancing

  • Cleans & Defogs
    Pre-filled cleaning/defogging solution helps prevent intra-operative scope fogging providing crisp, clear view in 5 minutes
    Radiopaque VueTip™ Trocar Swabs remove debris and excess liquid from trocar cannula
    X-ray detectable Microfiber Cloth is designed to capture residue and particulates at a microscopic level

  • One Unit, Two Ports
    Two ports: warming/white balancing and cleaning/defogging
    Allows for second scope to be warmed and ready during surgery
    Fits 3mm–12mm scopes without a port size converter

  • Detached Scope Cradle
    Safely and securely supports scope
    Reduces tension on lens and potential for damage

  • Built-in LED lights

  • Ergonomic Design
    Stable base prevents tipping
    Contoured, easy grip profile
    Engineered with soft silicone material


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