Variamed – 3 in 1 Sponge Counter

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3 in 1 Sponge Counter - The 3 in 1 product addresses all three issues and provides a safer and more cost effective surgical environment not only for the surgeon and tech but for the patient and the facility.

Safety Zone

The Safety Zone product is bright orange and sits on the Variamed Mayo stand. The Safety Zone provides a safe place for the surgeon to lay the used needle/sharp.

Ease of Use

The Variamed needle Compartment contains 30 chambers that are covered with a plastic film. Each chamber is numbered allowing the tech to perform an accurate post-surgical count.

Eliminates Mistakes

The Variamed 3 in 1 also contains 10 sponges with 10 chambers below the sponge. Once a tech has removed a sponge for use the tech can then place the used sponge into the chamber. The Variamed Needle Compartment allows for an accurate post-surgical count.


The Sponge Chamber allows the tech to perform an accurate post-surgical count for each sponge. Currently sponges are piled onto a table or into a container. Post procedure they then attempt to count each sponge. These sponges can bind to one another and cause a miscount. Every time a miscount of needles/sharps or sponges occurs there is a lengthy process that must take place to insure there is no URFO. This is a time consuming process costing the facility money and the surgeon valuable time.

Reduces Risk

74% of all needle/sharps injuries occur as a result of passing the needle/sharp. Our Safety Zone insures that no sharps injuries occur if used properly.

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