Variamed – 3 in 1 MAST

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3 in 1 MAST - Uniquely designed to provide surgeons and operating room staff with complete versatility in surgical instrument setup and use. The table is constructed of #304 surgical stainless steel and is constructed to allow the user to drape, visualize, and set up for each procedure efficiently.

Ergonomic Design

The M.A.S.T table is set at 10 degrees. The table has a front edge that will not allow the trays to slip during the procedure. This provides better visualization of the trays and instruments as well as reduces the strain on the lower back when loading the table.


3” diameter, anti-static wheels allow for ease of rolling while under full load

Time Efficient

The M.A.S.T. system allows the techinician to adjust each section to accomodate each individual case.

No two cases are alike and may need different amounts of surface space.


Designed as a true surgical system, the M.A.S.T, incorporates three products in one, by including open case storage and basins as part of the table. This design elements saves valuable space in the operating room.

3-in-1 Solution

Our table provides the operating room staff with an adjustable back table, open case, storage, and basins. These elements save time, space, and money during procedures.

Set Up

The M.A.S.T. comes with spaces for the kidney basin and specimen cups insuring the items are secure during the procedure. We have also provided a bump made from stainless steel on the center table. This will save the technician time in setting up the table, instead of rolling towels for a bump, the bump is an element of the design.

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